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Tracks and cabs for ATV’s and UTV’s at Avenue Rental and Sales


One of our goals here at Avenue Rental and Sales is to be your ATV/UTV track and cab headquarters. We have always believed that it is important to purchase specialty items from the people who actually use those items. We have been using tracked ATV’s and UTV’s for about 10 years now and believe we have a good handle on what to expect out of these wintertime tools for both fun and work.

We have used them to be able to access our winter camps in the back-country hauling everything from camp supplies and people, to hay for our livestock that must work back there as well.

We have installed enough sets that we can comfortably say that we believe we know what we are doing when it comes to installation and then uninstalling and reinstalling the stock wheels. We are experienced in clutch modifications and rebuilds that prolong your clutch life and enhance the use of your tracks because, yes, tracks are definitely harder on your machine’s clutching system than just turning some tires.

That being said, we have had tremendous luck and many exciting adventures with our tracked machines and know that you will too.

Each track system is engineered and designed for your specific ATV or UTV model and will work very well with whatever machine you are currently using, therefore negating the need to go out and purchase a new machine just to enjoy the winter benefits of tracks.

We recommend and use only Camso ATV and UTV track systems. They manufacture systems for under 500 cc machines labeled R4S, for 500 cc and up ATV’s labeled T4S and the for all UTV’s they are the 4S1 track system. Again, each sized system is designed for your specific machine.

So, if you are wondering whether a tracked system is right for you, come out and see us and test drive one of our tracked machines before you purchase!

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