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Big Tex cancels production of the venerable 50LA Tandem Axle Utility Trailer


Big Tex surprised me when I picked up one of my most recent orders. I noticed it was a stack of trailers with some 60PI’s on top. While I may not pay attention to every move me or my employees make when it comes to ordering Big Tex Trailers, I knew for sure I had not ordered any 60PI’s, so being the responsible business owner that I am, I picked up the phone and called my Big Tex sales rep to alert them to “their” mistake. I was promptly informed that indeed I had not ordered any 60PI’s, but I had ordered some 50 LA’s. Arguably the 50LA’s are one of my favorite trailers. It is a tandem axle do-everything trailer with options available for fold up ramp, slide in ramps or no ramps.

To my shock and chagrin, I was told that they (Big Tex) had quit producing the 50LA trailers and replaced them with the 60PI trailers. Imagine my surprise when I discover that they replace one of my favorite trailers with what is indeed my favorite utility trailer on the market today.

The PI line of trailers (in my opinion) are some of the most versatile trailers on the market today. They come with no ramps, slide in ramps or a ramp gate. They can haul motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s, small tractors, small earth moving equipment or even the occasional buddy’s stranded car, all while hauling coolers, tents and other miscellaneous outdoor adventure gear or simply extra gas cans, all within the raised pipe rails. Then, after those chores are done, they can often be spotted out over the weekend while others are sipping their favorite cold drink on the porch. The PI line of Big Tex trailers can be found out in the local farmer’s field hauling hay, the old school way, with young and old alike tossing bales up on this multipurpose utility trailer!


We have a good selection of 60PI's and 70PI's in stock including a gooseneck version called the 14GP's that with the gooseneck option and tandem 7000 lb. axles, you can really up your “rescued friend in distress game” and even haul that tracked skid steer home you finally convinced your wife you really need.

Stop by, call, message us or email us to find out more about these incredibly versatile pipe rail trailers manufactured by the #1 professional-grade trailer manufacturer, Big Tex.

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